Figure 3.

Images of cultivated chick embryonic muscle from 1917. Two images of chick muscle in culture from Lewis and Lewis, 1917 [34]. The image on the left is outgrowth from leg muscle of a 7-day-old chick embryo cultivated in half Locke's solution, half bouillon plus 0.5% dextrose for 48 hours. The preparation was fixed in osmic acid vapour and a Benda stain used. Lewis and Lewis describe it thus: 'Somewhat different character of muscle outgrowth from an explanted piece of the same leg and cultivated in the same way as in figure 1. The enlarged protoplasmic ends are not so abundant. There are many isolated muscle fibers and myoblasts among the mesenchyme cells. × 100' (originally figure 2 of Lewis and Lewis, 1917 [34]). The image on the right is of a 'myotube' from an explanted piece of leg of an 8-day-old chick embryo, fixed in osmic acid vapour, and stained with iron haematoxylin at × 525 (originally figure 8 of Lewis and Lewis, 1917 [34]). © John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Am J Anat 1917, 2:169-194. This material is reproduced with permission of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Scharner and Zammit Skeletal Muscle 2011 1:28   doi:10.1186/2044-5040-1-28
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